MIGHTY is actively working on Corporate Social Responsibility in order to win the trust of communities.
Our C.S.R. program – giving back to society.

C.S.R. stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.  We do not simply pursue our own profit, but each and every day we set and undertake a theme that we will consistently implement corporate activities with our careful consideration to not only our customers and employees but also such stakeholders who are associated in some way with us as shareholders, friends in local communities, personnel in business partners and so forth.  On that basis, we are playing full part not only in compliance with international rules and standards but also in environmental preservation by giving our full attention.

Quality Policy

Through the continuous improvement of quolity management system, MIGHTY Corporation will produce affective products all the members participation to get trust and the satisfaction of the customer.

Environmental Policy

Basic philosophy

At MIGHTY corporation, we consider that environmental protection is one of the most important and imperative issues in the world. We belong to the electric wire manufacturing industry and are mainly producing conductors for electric cables. Throughout all our business operations, we always make sure that practices which respect the environment – prevention of pollution, efficient use of resources and effective emergency measures – are carried out.

Basic Policy

  1. We operate our environmental management activities according to the areas below.
    (1) We apprehend noises and quivers caused by our manufacturing processes, and improve the situation whenever necessary.
    (2) Being conscious that we are a resource-consumer, we make sure that we save, reuse and recycle those resources with as little waste production as possible.
  2. We operate our environmental management activities in accordance with the environmental law of Japan and the acts of Osaka prefecture and Daito city.
  3. When local residents or our customers submit opinions, demands or requests on environmental issues, we consider them carefully and where possible, try to fit these ideas into our environmental management activities.
  4. To put all the activities above into practice, we have an environmental management system, in which we organize operative procedures and define responsibilities.
  5. To maintain the efficient function of our environmental management system, we regularly reassess our slogans and goals from within the bounds of our technological and economical capabilities.
  6. We issue every department with a copy of our environmental policy to ensure that every one who works for us knows about it thoroughly.
  7. The environmental policy is accessible to the public through our home page and brochures.