Now, in the 21st century, globalization of economy is rapidly expanding.  In our time of mega-competition of Darwinian jungle literally involved the whole world, we, MISUZU group of companies have developed our business operations consistently from global perspective.  With a central focus on Asia where is dramatically emerging as a hub for the world economy, we have provided a number of overseas production bases and established a broad networks.  Now, we are deploying business operations which are deeply rooted in business culture in the regions with our motto  “Think Globally, Act Locally.”  It is the imposed mission for MIGHTY to exert every possible effort we can do for betterment of “Customer Satisfaction” that is significant for our daily business operations.  For this, we will boldly keep on challenging uncharted business territories.  So, set your expectations to our companies who aspire best-in-class customer satisfaction by our flexible ideas and visions in addition to business basis of technology and reliance which we-MISUZU group of companies have built up spending over 60 years since we were established.

Management Principle

Let us evermore contribute to welfare of everyone and socienty related to our group of companies by having free aspiring mind and ambition to improve ourselves and expanding our communities regardless of business operations and categories !


MISUZU Group of companies will keep on contributing to Global Community as a local community-based enterprise carrying a banner of “Think Globally and Act Locally.”