MIGHTY corporation pushes forward with more global perspectives and flexible idea not always reconciling itself to the technologies and tradition of MISUZU group companies that have been built up spending over 60 years.

“Keeping up to transform ourselves by adapting to the external environment.”
Quite simply, a company who has been practicing such an objective is MIGHTY Corporation.
MIGHTY, as one of MISUZU group companies has developed itself in remarkable ways starting from being “Manufacturer” to “Holding Company for overseas group subsidiaries” and finally to “Trading House”. Nonetheless, even in such a dramatic changes, there has been a thing that the company has retained 「unchanged」. That is the corporate philosophy “Let us Make a Borderless Contribution toward Global Communities”
In the business field of MIGHTY, there isn’t any border at all in terms of “Nationality”, “Ethnic Group”, “Category of Business”, “Sex”, “Age” and so forth. The company members who have 「 Free and Vigorous Spirit 」and 「 Ambition to Grow Up and Develop All the Time 」desire to broaden the global communities and enhance welfare of everyone who is related to our company.
MISUZU group of companies celebrated its 65th anniversary in year 2020. The companies run up the following group slogan and all the employees will implement it by renewing their sense of gratitude.

Shunji Yamamoto, President