MIGHTY corporation pushes forward with more global perspectives and flexible idea not always reconciling itself to the technologies and tradition of MISUZU group companies that have been built up spending over 60 years.

Business of Electric Wire

We provide stable quality and reasonable price through integrated production based on high quality conductor processing technology cultivated by the MISUZU Group.

  • We deliver to major Japanese industrial equipment and home appliances manufacturers.
  • Material suppliers are selected with an emphasis on high quality and environmental friendliness.

PV Wire


*For Japan market only.

  • HCV (600V)
  • PV-CC (1500V)

UL Wires



EMS Business ( Electronics Manufacturing Business )

MIGHTY offers you manufacturing and procurement of high precision parts and components for electronic devices at low cost and high quality by taking advantage of its own global business network.

MIGHTY is able to procure a variety of materials and components for your needs centering around its hubs deployed in Asian countries and yet manufacture all kinds of electronic components in its own overseas plants and associated factories.  MIGHTY provides you every kind of electronic component at lower cost and higher quality.  As the manufacturing domain, MIGHTY is prepared for a wide variety of your needs for outsourced production demanded by assembly manufacturers ranging from modules to partially completed products as such main feature as circuit implementation to electronic substrates which is widely utilized for electronic devices.

EC Business ( Electronic Commerce )

MIGHTY directly provides general consumers with electronic accessories taking advantage of its own global networks.

MIGHTY Corporation started Electronic Commerce working together with its overseas operation bases in order precisely to response to the need of general consumers who desire to be privileged to better quality goods at reasonable cost and faster delivery.  We formed wealth of product line including accessories related to smart phones and mobile phones as well as peripheral devices for personal computers and etc.  Thus, we are proud of our availability of commercial products that has been built upon close and effective relationships with local enterprises in overseas through a multitude of our production and marketing bases in Asia and Europe centering around China.

Support for Overseas Procurement

MIGHTY widely supports you not only for conducting search for local suppliers but also winning new users toward making peaceful economic inroads into Asian markets.

Voice of a client “We want to make an advance into rapidly growing Asia and start to new businesses. However, we need assistance to cover lack of our own trading knowhow and networks in overseas.” - For such clients, MIGHTY provides them various supports toward entering into Asian markets including searching for local suppliers and their quotations toward procurement of a wide variety of industrial products such as electronic parts, plastic forming parts and etc. Meanwhile, MIGHTY offer them exploitation of new users after such preceding steps as well as consulting service for overall trading business.  Thus, for your convenience, we will lavishly utilize our knowhow that have been cultivated through our continuation of trade set in Asia for long period of time.